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    Root Canal Dentist Greenville SC, Dental Sealant, Blake Julian, 29607, Conestee Dental Office


    by DentistryGreenville

    Root Canal Dentist Greenville SC, Dr. Blake Julian advises that dental sealants for children are good preventive measures when placed on the first adult molars, appearing at the average age of 6years old. Children don't usually brush well, and brushing the back teeth often provokes a gag reflex, discouraging brushing. Molars have deeper grooves than baby teeth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and decay. Tooth Cavities and root canals can be avoided with good dental hygiene habits that can be taken through adulthood. Dental sealants flow into the grooves, blocking tooth decay during the vulnerable years. Dental sealants can last more than 10 years, depending on personal preferences, and dental hygiene.
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