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    The Queen Visits Melbourne, Australia


    by NTDTelevision

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    As part of their visit to Melbourne Australia, the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh take a stroll in Federation Square. Our reporter takes us there to catch the action.

    Thousands of people pack Federation Square eager to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth during her whirlwind visit to Melbourne, Australia.

    “I’ve come to see the Queen today. Yay!”

    “I just think they’re fantastic.”

    The Queen, looking bright and cheerful in her candy pink coat, had no time to rest; she is attending a hospital opening, a gallery tour, aGovernment House State reception and a tram ride.

    “It sort of reminded us of our heritage. It was really special.”

    “It was like one of my dreams to see her since I’ve been a little kid. I’m like over the moon now.”

    After a brief four-hour visit the royal couple flies to Perth, Western Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

    “ I was really excited to see the queen today because I’d never seen her before and I probably never will again in my life.”

    As the Queen is now eighty-five years old, it may be Her Majesty’s last visit to Melbourne, but memories of this day will remain forever in the heart of this city.

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