A Family Erased • George Kachadorian • ©2008 PBS Frontline

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Credit goes to PBS for producing The Ottomans, not because the documentary promotes the glory of the Muslim empire, but because they produced another document entitled A Family Erased by Armenian director George Kachadorian, who themed the narrative on the Armenian Genocide, depicting a personal anecdote of his family who experienced the 'killing fields' of the ‘greatest empire’ in Muslim History.

The embarrassment of the Ottoman atrocity is ingrained deep in the psyche of the modern-day Ottoman reverent. to the extent that legislation in Turkey criminalizes a mere mention thereof. On the other hand, Germany has taken the route to repentance, reconciliation and historical honesty by not only culling the snake but criminalizing the rats who deny the infamous penultimate moment of the reptilian fascist.

Words – Tommy Peters