I Pooted Big Sean Spoof

Xavier Ruffin
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Our take on Big Sean's hit single "I Do IT"
For those who aren't ashamed of the stink.

See lyrics below

Staring Mr Vanilla TV as himself
Written by Mr Vanilla TV
Vocals by Mr Vanilla TV and Artthebeat
Co-Written by Xavier Ruffin
Directed by Xavier
Produced by Xavier Ruffin
Recorded by Nemic
Mixed by Nemic and Xavier Ruffin

Shot with a canon t3i tamron 18-270mm 3.5


I pooted my whole life, passing gas by the hour
I really cant lie, I was the man who just farted
You'll remember the smell when I die
Man, these girls say I'm scummy
And I just say, oh jimmidy
I poot, I split a room in half, and now you smelling celery

My stomach hurts like crazy, and I feel really stupid
I put that stank in the air, pass gas, then ask who just pooted
OK, you smell that girl?
Well I gotta take a massive 2 shits
Ok I let gas fly, gas fly, until Im above on them toilets

Im stuffed-o like Al Bund-aye, my bootay, is load-ade
Im lookin like Imma Shit today
because Im making the Poot face
Cause I had some beans, and then a steak,
2 quesidillas, what else I ate?
I ate some salmon, then ate the plate
Then ate the Chef, and then Poot all day

Got poop stains cause I shitt-d-shitty-d
Smell that? I stinky-d-stinky-d
Im Tyra, I let go, Like runway, I rip-itty-rip-itty

Boy Im poot-a-mania
The most Stankiest, Outragious
More gas then Merced-ians
Who the hell is Damian?
I took a poot on I-talians, Austrailians, Canadians
I took a poot in a Stadium, and melted all the Titanium
I just opened up my Cheeks and Blew It,
So smell the stench of a real niggas Booty