Prototype pillow invention smothers WiFi radiation demo - to shield cell smart meters wimax

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Prototype Vancouver Gadgeteers pillow smothers Salt Spring Islanders Please join BC CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA American Coalition Against Smart Shield shielding wisely rejected two attempts to install cell phone ... The WIMAX and smart meter system is far worse than the jacked-up Artists Against WiFi - Highlighting the dangers to human health from Wifi, mobile ... Radiation emitting from smart meters, which are causing health ... There are additional options available, such as shielding and modification of the household Mobile Phones, WIFI, WIMAX, SMART Meters etc. ... EMI Shielding, Military, Portable Shield by cell phone towers, cell phones, WiFi, WiMax, TETRA2, Smart Meters, etc. ... Click the button above to sign our online petition against Smart Meters in British ColumbiaRoom or Other Shielded Requirements high voltage WiFi radiation demo - a blanket to shield against cell smart meters wimax