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Style Guide: Common Fashion Mistakes - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Most common fashion faux pas I come across is that we are buying our jeans too big. It may seem counter-intuitive to what we actually want to be doing but when we go into the store, if we can walk out in that pair of jean because they fit perfectly, they are too big. Why? Because there is elastic spandex in your jeans. Think of it like a rubber band. It is meant to expand and retract back to its original shape. When you have walked out of that store with a brand new pair of jeans, that elastic has not been broken in yet. What does that mean for your jeans? It means where you are putting the most pressure against that elastic, like your knees and in your butt, you are breaking it in even more and you are going to start getting baggy knees and saggy butt and too bit through the waistband if it is too big to begin with. So, you want them to be a little snug, not so tight like it feels like you need to lay down of the bed just to get your pants zipped but, enough that you feel like you have got to break that elastic in a little bit to be perfect. Ways to care for your jeans, to make sure that they fit you for a long time to come. Always wash them inside out, especially when you have got as dark rinsed denim like this because that is going to keep that dark color nicer longer. And you want to make sure that you always air dry, air dry, air dry, air dry. You do not want to subject all that nice spandex to the heat of your dryer. If you are one of those people where you have to get your jeans into the dryer to get them out to fit perfectly, you are doing two things wrong. One, you have bought them too big to begin with and two, you are sticking them in the dryer. So, be nice to that elastic and your jeans are going to be nice to you for a very long time.