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    Clint Norris

    by Clint Norris

    Witness the windshield repairman in action working with his favorite tools. Watch a live performance and see how process is COMPLETED!Witness Clint Do Rock Chip Repair Today * Copy Embeding Code & Share on Your WebSite*Special Thanks to YouTube's Services * Visit: - for updates, aditional links, new tweets, buzz, coupons and more.A quick discription of this auto glass shop video : Original was created with a camera; then converted to a mobile phone video; then uploaded through a mobile internet connection by a free app on an Android Phone. Products used: LR Resinator QT pump with holding device; LR'S 18 inch ultraviolet curing lamp; 2 drops of Liquid Resins White Cap resin; an inspection mirror; Windex, paper towles, curing tab, razorblade and of course a windshield with a big rock chip.Produced and Directed by Clint Norris."With tools, training, and years of experiance, I have turned a repair service into an Art"