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    Chinese Regime Steps Up Efforts to Police Social Media


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Communist Party Central Committee has indicated that the Party will increase controls on social media in China. That's according to a new policy statement published in the People's Daily. The paper is directly controlled by the Central Committee.

    In recent months, Chinese authorities have warned against spreading what they've called rumors and false information on China's growing social messaging platforms. That includes microblogs similar to Twitter, like the popular Sina Weibo.

    The warnings picked up when Weibo was used to spread criticism of Chinese authorities after incidents like the deadly high-speed rail crash in Wenzhou in July.

    And Internet activists and users have been facing real life consequences for their online activities. The State Internet Information Office announced Tuesday that two men had been detained for spreading false information on the Internet.

    The latest policy suggests intensified effort will be put into curbing online discourse.