World's First Carbon Composite Airliner Flies to Hong Kong


by NTDTelevision

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And for most of us, air travel has gotten increasingly uncomfortable over the years. But a new plane may be changing that. The world's first carbon-composite airplane has made its first flight, going from Tokyo to Hong Kong on Wednesday. The new technology improves the plane's fuel efficiency, and is designed to be more comfortable for passengers.

And Boeing's newest plane takes to the skies.

The Boeng Dreamliner, the world's first carbon-composite airliner, flew to Hong Kong from Tokyo on Wednesday. It was carrying its first paying passengers and could set a new benchmark in air travel.

Its takeoff comes exactly 53 years after Boeing's first ever jetliner, the 707, began commercial services in the Pan Am colors.

The Dreamliner doesn't fly any faster than that first aircraft, but it's not supposed to. Instead, it's designed to make the hours aloft more pleasant for passengers and cheaper to fly.

The Dreamliner flew with 240 passengers and is owned by All Nippon Airways.

With its mostly carbon-composite body, Boeing's technological offers a 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a 30 percent reduction in maintenance costs.

Its cabin builders promise a flight with ambient lighting engineered to lull passengers to sleep. The cabin also boasts higher air pressure.

Passengers on ANA's jet were treated to a rainbow display, as the aircraft lifted off the tarmac in Tokyo.

Its other bells and whistles include windows that are 30 percent bigger, seat-to-seat e-mail and bigger touch screen entertainment panels.

The 100 seats available to paying passengers sold out as soon as they went on sale. Over 25,000 people scrambled online for the scarce tickets priced at around $1000 USD.

The aircraft made it safely to Hong Kong, and was welcomed by drums and dancing.