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    Learn about the History and Overiview of USB ...


    by GogoTraining

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    This video discuss:
    History and Overview
    •Problem Solved by USB
    •USB Specification History
    •USB Features
    •Hot Plug, Isochronous Bandwidth, Error Handling/Fault Recovery

    This USB online training course focuses on system definition including the USB component. The USB communication model will be studied and transactions will be evaluated in detail. Bandwidth allocations, packet types, packet protocols, and packet sequencing are also covered. USB 2.0 Architecture Part 1 also covers device framework including device descriptors and device requests.

    Course Prerequisites:
    An understanding of serial communications techniques is also highly recommended.

    Course Objectives:
    As a result of taking this USB course, you will be able to:
    • Explain the architecture of USB and its components
    • Understand the operation of USB low-, full-, and high-speed devices and protocols
    • Describe the electrical and signaling requirements for 1.5, 12, and 480 Mbps operation
    • Describe USB Hubs, power management, and split transactions
    • Learn USB configuration requirements
    • Explore USB transaction types and device classes, 877-546-4446