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    Dinosaur Tracks Influence Ancient Chinese Culture


    by NTDTelevision

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    Three scientists from China and the United States claim to have found documentable evidence that humans and dinosaur tracks coexisted in a remote county in southwest China's Chongqing City.

    Details of the findings were published in the latest issue of the Geological Bulletin of China.

    The recently discovered dinosaur track site has a large concentration of dinosaur tracks preserved in many ways.

    The footprints weren't the only find.

    [Xie Xianming, Mineral Division, Chongqing]:
    "Apart from dinosaur footprints, we've also found impressions of dino-skin. They might be left when dinosaurs were lying down and at rest. The tracks of skin are very distinguishable."

    It's believed that humans inhabited the Lotus Mountain Fortress at the dinosaur track site for at least 700 years. This estimate is based on inscriptions found in the area which can be traced to the Song Dynasty.