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    An "Isolated Incident" Henry Tang on Tiananmen Square Massacre


    by NTDTelevision

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    A candidate for Hong Kong's next Chief Executive, Henry Tang caused an outcry when he played down the Tiananmen Square Massacre, describing it as an 'isolated incident.' It's part of a trend among some Hong Kong officials who tread a fine line between pleasing Hong Kong citizens and offending the Chinese regime.

    Hong Kong's former Chief Secretary and candidate for Chief Executive, Henry Tang, responded for the first time to the issue of the Tiananmen Square massacre at an education forum. Tang was careful not to offend the Chinese regime, and referred to the massacre as an "isolated incident."

    [Henry Tang, HK Chief Executive Candidate]:
    "In the development of mainland China, there are many things which everyone is unsatisfied with, this is understandable. Everyone has feelings for certain isolated incidents, I also understand. But I hope people will look at the big picture."

    Tang's comment has drawn widespread criticism from Hong Kong citizens and those who survived the tragedy in 1989.

    [Fang Zheng, Tiananmen Survivor]:
    "May the 4th isn't a so-called 'certain isolated incident.' It is one of a series of tragedies brought about by the communist regime's rule in China over so many years."

    Those tragedies include the Great Famine and the Cultural Revolution, as well as the suppression of groups such as rights activists, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Falun Gong. The Chinese regime continues to suppress them to this day.

    Activists say Tang's reluctance to take a stand shows the extent to which the Chinese regime is influencing Hong Kong's officials.