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    Police Arrest Dozens in Moscow Protest


    by NTDTelevision

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    Moscow police disperse an anti-government rally and arrest about 20 protesters. The demonstrators are calling for free and fair elections in Russia.

    Protesters held a demonstration in Moscow’s Mayakovsky Square on Tuesday, calling for free and fair elections. At least 20 protesters were arrested.

    [Unidentified Protester]:
    "That the activists get to the street is right because we are sick and tired of this police state."

    [Unidentified Protester]:
    "Look what's going on. This is the youngsters say! This is our democracy which is grinning like a wolf, like a beast!"

    Police moved in to break up the protest, organized by 'Another Russia' an umbrella organization for Russian opposition groups.

    After the rally was dispersed, the bus with detainees left the street.

    Various opposition leaders whose parties were ousted from the election process are calling on their supporters to submit X-ed out ballots in Russia's upcoming parliamentary elections. It is a sign of protest against the lack of free choice and political freedoms in Russia.

    Rights groups and Kremlin opponents say the authorities often use technicalities to bar some opponents from elections and distort the voting results in favor of the ruling party.

    However, electoral officials dismiss such claims.