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    Snow Patrol This Isnt Everything You are Live cover ...

    Rex Pearson

    by Rex Pearson

    This is a cover for Snow Patrol This isn't everything you are! For the free guitar lesson just head here!:

    This is just a demonstration and cover version used for the guitar lesson on the song by Snow Patrol - This Isnt everything you are. Check out this cover and if you would like to play the song for free follow the links

    For more great free lessons head to the Rex Pearson Song Book:

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    This is a guitar cover of the great new tune by Snow Patrol called This Isnt everything you are. You can get the lesson for free from the website. A fantastic tune that uses the dreaded barre chord rather than the capo approach, and we also look at the alternate picking into and lead guitar! This makes sure you learn some new things and keep pushing yourself