Wicked " Son!c Boom " Herbal Incense Review Done By EViLDeD


by ItsEViLDeD

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EViLDeD Rates This 8.5 out of 10

Get yours at http://www.wicked-incense.com


There are a lot more of the oranges, yellows and blues in a 4g bag, and a LOT less sticks. The convenience store near my house sells it for $17 for 2g and $24 for 4g, so the 4g bag is really a better deal. I love this shit, use it on a regular basis.
By hhundredthh 3 years ago
Haha, I liked that. " Just took 4 hits off it...5 hits -draws- " lmao made me lol
By LucentWolf 3 years ago