Smith Ballew & His Orch. - Fair And Warmer, 1934

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Smith Ballew & His Orchestra, Vocal Chorus by Smith Ballew - Fair And Warmer, Fox-Trot from "20 Million Sweethearts" (Dubin / Warren) Melotone 1934 (USA)

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Oh so kind of you but don't worry Grzegorz; it's hardly evitable to overlap at some point... besides even checking is no guarantee since either the search isn't accurate, or the pseudonym mess does the trick just as it did back then...
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
Patrick! Oh damn... sorry I'm swearing... Now I checked and indeed... You got this song uploaded 2 years ago!! I usually check the tunes before uploading them, whether someone hadn't done it before me. This time, however, I did not check in DM, for the tune seemed to me less known and ... well.. and what? A neglectance... as simple as that... I am terribly sorry, Patrick! I will be more careful in future.
Przez grzegorz240252 3 lata temu
This probably is my favourite version of this tune... I have it too somehwere among my uploads and both are nicely complementary, offering a fasscinating, different array of photos!
Przez kspm0220s 3 lata temu
Lou, that's sign for you to upload something "fair and warmer" too. Blakie, as matter of fact, I wish I had something "cooler" instead, for the Fall in Poland is unbelievably hot this year. The long ago tales about Poland were: "it's a faraway northern country where the white bears walk in the streets". If the things continue this way, we will be soon a "country of parrots and colibri" instead. David, yes, indeed, Ballew was simply a "top male beauty" of his times! He could act as Swann, in some never-filmed (what a pity!) version of "À la recherche du temps perdu". Why he was taking all those stupid B western movies roles? Perhaps, he was just a beautiful face? With no greater talent? Yet, his way of singing and his orchestral arrangements prove he was an excellent and sensitive artist!
Przez grzegorz240252 3 lata temu
Absolutely delightful. And that Ballew guy -- wasn't he unbelievably handsome?
Przez dzheger 3 lata temu
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