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    How to Make Halloween Themed Filled Chocolate Cup

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    How to Make Halloween Themed Filled Chocolate Cup - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. For the chocolate filled cups what we are going to do is we are going to take a paper candy cup and we are going to take a paint brush. And you are going to get a nice healthy amount of tempra chocolate onto your paint brush and you are going to paint the inside of the candy cup. You want to have a nice thick coating so that when we put our filling in it does not seep through any little holes that might be left in the chocolate. So then when once you have completely covered with the chocolate just set it off to the side and you need the chocolate to firm up which will take about 5 to 7 minutes. Now that the chocolate is firmed up, you can test it by just squeezing the sides of the paper and if there is no give then your chocolate is firm or you can touch it and you would not have any chocolate go onto your fingers. We are going to take our gonosh that we made and just take a spoonful and put it into the candy cup. You are going to fill it 3/4 of the way full. You want to make sure not to go above 3/4 because you need extra room on top of that to put more chocolate on top. So we will fill it up 3/4 of the way full and then we are going to put more tempra chocolate on top of that to seal in the gonosh. You can move your spoon around so that you can get to all of the edges of the paper cup and you just want to make sure that you cannot see any gonosh that is inside there. So now that we have got that on there, we are going to take our white chocolate and we are going to put it into a disposable pastry bag. A disposable pastry bag is going to work best in this case because you are going to be able to cut just a tiny little sliver of the bottom of the bag off so that we get a nice little small stream of white chocolate. You can also if you do not have a disposable pastry bag, you can use a zip lock bag and get the same effect. Just cut of a tiny little corner of the bag and you will be able to get a nice thin line. So what we are going to do is we are going to put a dot in the middle with white chocolate and then around that dot we are going to do one circle. And then around that circle we are going to do our second circle. Now to make that look like a spider web, we are going to take our tooth pick and we are going to start in that center dot of white chocolate and just gently drag it through to the edges of each of the circles. And you can see right now that that is pulling out a spider web pattern. So you want to clean your tooth pick off between each drag. You can just wipe it across a parchment paper, clean it off with a towel and then drag it onto the second one. And then the next part of your circle and then just keep following around your circle. And now you will see that we have done that we have got a nice fancy spider web decoration on top of our cup.