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    Apple iPad 2 Wireless Keyboard


    oleh andrani7

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    Beautiful design like all of the apple products. It matches well with the ipad 2 or any other mac product.
    It is slim, but not overly slim. Because it is made out of aluminum it has a very solid feel.
    I prefer having a separate keyboard from my ipad 2 because I have the option of leaving it at home and not lugging it around with me everywhere I go.
    Using this keyboard, the iPad knows that I don't need the keypad on the screen which gives me full access to the webpage, email document, etc whereas before half of the screen was taken up by the on screen keypad.
    It has a slight angle to it so it makes it more comfortable for me to use vs the flat keyboards where it is built into the ipad case.
    It was super easy to set up. Apple supplies your first batch of 2 double A batteries(the new version needs only two vs the older version needed 3). and you power on the keyboard, turn on your bluetooth through settings and then pair the device. It will prompt you to type a 4 digit code into your keyboard and then hit return and then it instantly works. One attempt = success.