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    Jack Donovan once wrote:
    (A woman has much to gain and very little to lose by competing with a man who she thinks she can beat. No one will think her less of a woman for losing, because womanhood has nothing to do with competing with men. But if she beats a man, it will be a triumph of David over Goliath. Men will cheer her on, because in squaring off with a man she shows courage, and everyone loves an underdog.
    But what does the man have to gain? He shows no courage by entering the ring with a woman. He is expected to win. If he does, his victory is shallow and unsavory. He gains no honor in beating a woman—the idea is offensive even to a modern man’s vestigial sense of chivalry. Imagine the sportscaster shouting about how he “really slaughtered her.” How ignoble!
    And if he loses, the loss is so much more humiliating. While her womanhood is never in question, his masculinity is on the line. He ends up looking like a poor specimen of manhood. Women won’t respect him, and men will be ashamed to be associated with him. He would be better loved by all for cheating and obviously throwing the fight, or for graciously bowing out. To give maximum effort and be bested by a woman is emasculating, no two ways about it. The same rules simply don’t apply. “Apples and chairs”)
    Пользователем etillemaв прошлом году
    The last thing you want to do is put your head anywhere near that girls thighs. It would only take her 2 seconds to lock, squeeze and you're a goner. I bet her legs felt like steel cables wrapped around his neck.
    Пользователем dakidof99в прошлом году
    yes it completely dominated over it during all duel. The culmination was suffocation by feet when it was clamped by her hips and within a minute was under it. She simply played with it and waited for the moment to force it to be given. having passed on painful to a foot easily and simply. it is lost having escaped from its capture of feet. and it right there carried out victorious reception.
    Пользователем Sergeisvorov1в прошлом году
    "She" is disgusting and ridiculous like "him"
    That so ridiculous and perverse so shame
    Пользователем dm_521a92c45acc8в прошлом году
    She has nicely-developed triceps.
    Пользователем ibm650в прошлом году
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