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    Ek Paye Royecho Dariye (India) directed by R Das would be screened in ‘Golden Aphrodite-First Feature Film Premieres 2012’ section at Cyprus International Film Festival 2012
    “The protagonist of this film is a poet who though revolutionary in
    spirit, has to compromise with the wrongs in the society.Perturbed soul could not tolerate it much longer however. It possessedhis body to govern his actions. Ectoplasm can give a spirit form, but
    can it make it humane? That was a question that the poet's late wife could never answer. While she had been alive, she was a mere love-interest of her husband! The poet's daughter is quite unlike both her parents. How can she defy this patriarchal society? The story of this film is all about the search of the soul to find the correct rhythm of life. Not a poem, not a folk-lore, not a social drama, what is the true genre of this film ? The individual search finds a universal
    resonance in the language of this film.,” is the synopsis of the film on festival’s official website. (
    The 7th edition of Cyprus International Film festival is going to take place from 6 to 22 of October 2012 in Nicosia,Greace.
    Director: R Das