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    SBI! TORTOISE TIP #6: Getting Your Best Backup Response

    Tony Thomas

    by Tony Thomas


    Once visitors leave your site, they probably won't return... unless you get in front of their eyeballs again. Today's tip covers how to do this with a quality "Backup Response".

    The reality is your visitors won't return to your site even if they like and bookmark it...unless you give them a good reason to return.

    Think about it. How many sites have you ever bookmarked and never revisited? Thought so. I rest my case.

    So how do you reach your visitors or customers again and again after they leave your website?

    Provide a strong backup response that delivers a free benefit to your visitors. For example, you could offer them...

    - a weekly or monthly newsletter


    - an interactive feature on your site (Q&A page, a survey or poll, a feedback invitation)


    - a free ebook or white paper


    you could reach them through an active Facebook Page or Twitter account that funnels visitors back to your site.

    Do whatever works for your market. Effective backup responses build a quality, long-term, repeat-exposure relationship with your visitors and customers so that they will happily return to your site frequently... and monetize!

    Offline or online...

    We all prefer to do business with those we like and trust.