The Naked Truth...about Presentation Skills

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The Naked Truth...about Presentation Skills --- a one hour presentation by John Paval which explodes some common myths in the field of presentation skills, and reveals some very useful truths. Have often have you heard a so called expert in public speaking say something outlandish like "93% of all communication is non-verbal?" How can that be true? How do they know that? Well, actually, it isn't and they don't. Find out the truth, rather than the myths, about how the way you handle yourself physically can send a very clear message to the audience, based on proven scientific research. Then, find out what Nobel Prize winning research tells us about why audiences often struggle to stay awake and focused on some presentations, even when they are very interested in the content. Then, learn the simple but powerful truths which will help you to make sure that your audiences stay awake and engaged with you every step along the way...