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    Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Cleaning Your Dog's Ears - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi my name is Gina Ward and I am the owner of Gina's Dirty Dog Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You are going to want to use two items to clean out the dogs ears. You want to use a q-tip and a cotton pad or cotton ball we like to use pads here. The pad usually helps to add enough of the ear cleaning solution we call it ear zap. Do not use alcohol in your dogs ear, that burns . Do not use peroxide. If you really need to clean your dogs ears and you have nothing on hand good household selection is witch hazel, that is okay . Your dogs ear is L shaped so you really have to make a great effort to go to deep. But still keep the q-tip where you can see it, it is safer that way . You want to make sure you wipe out all the crevices, around and in the ear, and then just rub the ear just to kind of soothe the dog when you are all done and tell them what a good dog they are. Now we are going to show you how to clip the area inside Maggie's ears.If you have a cocker spaniel ,a dogs ears that lay down , and your dog is very subject to ear infections probably one of the big reasons for that is it is dark and moist in there so it does not really get enough air to prevent these problems. So those of you that have cocker spaniels there is a couple of ways you can avoid those problems. You can shave the inside of the ear, I am just going to do a little bit cause you are really not supposed to do that to with this bread, but Maggie's mom is going to be kind enough to let me do pretty much whatever I need. The cocker spaniel usually there is a lot more hair through this area. So what basically you are going to do is lightly take a pair of clippers and work it in the direction of the edge of the ear and then that way you have a nice clear ear canal. The other thing you can do to avoid yeast infection which is usually promoted because it is dark and moist in there, is whenever you can just flip your dogs ears open so they can get air while they are sleeping, while you are sitting there. They will probably just flip it back over but the more you do it probably the little better for your dogs ears.