Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween Decoration Ieas - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin, and I am the owner of R.T. Clown. If you are decorating for Halloween, there is lots of things you can do. If you go to a professional prop house, or you know somebody you can hire, Biggins, Biggins is fabulous. He is an old man who shakes. But he would be a little pricey, for, you know, the average party. He has a female named Sadie that you can buy. Sadie is the maid that comes along with Biggins. There are also really gross Halloween props that you can buy, with body parts falling off, or throwing up. You can buy this at a local store. You can certainly buy the spiders and the webs at a local store. Gravestones, I think this is a scepter, I do not know. What else? This thing, we just draped it on a chair. I think it was bought at a drugstore, locally...draped it over the chair. This came from a kit. Again, assorted spiders and more gravestones. These are things I have collected over the years for Halloween. Skulls are always good. If you go to a medical supply store, you can sometimes buy actual real skeleton parts, and real bone parts. In fact, at the Halloween show that I go to every year, there is always somebody there, representing a medical place that will sell you various body parts. Not living body parts, but, you know, bones and skeletal items. Fog machine, by the way, is something I do not have here, but easy to get, easy to maintain, and keep the lights down, you know? Nobody needs a full frontal at Halloween.