Run Run Bunny!
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by MVDfilm

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Everyone Wants To Get Bunny ... The Most Wanted Woman In The City! The illusive Bunny (Sol Canesa) is hiding from Mr. Fritz, (Guillermo Lombardi, star of Mondo Psycho, La Lluvia & Babilonia) who has hired 2 body guards to be outside her apartment, Illmiora (Zimena Dust acted in Apolonia Borgoa, Sentido NT, Mondo Psycho and Ultra-Toxic), a girlfriend who has another girlfriend Cherie (Samanta Babic acted in Porteo Pequeo Pequeo and Ultra-Toxic) who calls Illmiora Mommy and Arcano, the wrestler another one of Bunny's boyfriends who will stop at nothing to find her. Bunny doesn't want to be found. She meets a guy, Luigi (Mariano Ramos) where they shoot whiskey. A crazy man with a Polaroid camera snaps their picture and tells them he now has their soul but they can buy the picture back for $10.00. Bunny asks Luigi if they can go to his place where they have savage sex. Bunny is insatiable. He passes out and she leaves. Arcano goes to Maestro (Pachi Barreiro) for help finding her. Maestro will only help if there is a sacrifice made in his name.