Fairy Tail - Episode 102 - Soul of Iron

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Advanced forces from Grimoire Heart have shown up on Tenroujima, Fairy Tail's holy grounds! Running into Levy and Gajeel would seem like bad luck, but these lackeys are a cut above! It's an all out guild war, and this time Gajeel is on Fairy Tail's side!


Crunchyroll suck every one of his videos don't work!!!!!!
By Saylor Scott 2 years ago
This doesn't play, as if it was not correctly uploaded. At any rate, it does not work on my iPod Touch or my PC (which I am on right now). This is true for the rest of the Fairy Tail videos uploaded/posted by crunchyroll
By Stephen Meyer 2 years ago
I can't watch the movie
By dm_4febc27602d03 2 years ago