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    Internet Activist Wang Li Hong's Appeal Rejected


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court has rejected the appeal of Internet Activist, Wang Lihong. She was sentenced to nine months in jail in early September for creating a disturbance.

    The charge was based on a protest she led in 2010. She demonstrated with a group of about 30 netizens outside a court in eastern China's Fuzhou city defending three people who stood trial for criticizing an official. Wang was the only one charged at the protest.

    Outraged at the Chinese regime's abuses of power, Wang, a retired businesswoman, became an avid rights blogger. Her supporters believe the charges were fabricated to punish her for her overall activism.

    Wang Lihong's case has drawn condemnation from critics who see her as a victim of the Chinese regime's crackdown on Internet-spread dissent.