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    NTD Resumes Ku-band Asia Satellite After 3-Year Interruption


    by NTDTelevision

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    NTD has launched a new 24-hour Ku-band satellite broadcast in Asia this week. We've had a C-band satellite signal in Asia for many years. But this new Ku-band signal is important because it can be picked up by smaller dishes—as small as 20 inches. It covers Korea, Japan, The Philippines, Taiwan, and eastern China.

    Our 24-hour programming—which is mainly in Chinese—brings the kind of uncensored information that viewers inside China can't get from state-run media.

    It's the first time we resume our Ku-band signal there since 2008. That was when our previous satellite provider, Eutelsat, turned our signal off. An investigation by Reporters Without Borders concluded that Eutelsat was pressured by China's communist regime to stop our broadcast.

    We launched a "Freedom Satellite" campaign after that, eventually raising enough donations to launch this new channel. You can watch it on Koreasat-5. And we're still raising money to keep it going. More information is on our website.