Cheezy Scifi Trailers Vol. 2
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by MVDfilm

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Cheezy Flicks is proud to release the Cheezy Trailer Collection for the first time on DVD. There are so many Cheezy movies out there we at Cheezy Flicks thought it would be fun to look at the cheezy trailers that go with those cheezy movies. We couldnt find them all, but we can at least bring you some of the best, worst and cheeziest action movie trailers ever made. This DVD includes trailers from the following movies: The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Flesh Eaters, The Brain Eaters, The Atomic Man, Day Of The Animals, Invisible Invaders, Attack Of The 50 ft Women, Roller Ball, The Giant Spider Invasion, Forbidden Planet, Planet Of Vampires, Future World, more.