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    "Models Who Swing" - Ep #16, Model Ball Special Edition HD

    Model Ball

    by Model Ball

    Jake Mcbride and his team of sexy models is taking on Jake's former teammate, Rick. Rick is trying to knock Jake out of the playoff race. Jake can't play because of an injury so the whole game is going to come down to Holly McBride at bat.

    Beautiful model Holly McBride is the only girl on an all male softball league. Her cousin, Jake McBride, is the best player on his championship team. Jake is so good that he lets his ego get away from him and makes a drunken bet with his rival, Gary, that he can win the whole thing with a team made up of Supermodels. Now Jake and Holly need to recruit a group of sexy women to play ball with them.

    Can a group of stunning sluggers, who have no idea how to play, win games without breaking a nail? Find out in this "Bad News Bears" meets "the Sports Illustarted Swimsuit Edition", sexy comedy Model Ball.

    New episodes every Tuesday and Fridays.

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