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    Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai - Part 4 Of 12 - Mukesh Rawal - Anjana Desai - Gujarati Natak


    by shemaroogujarati

    Watch Hadh Karo Chho Hasubhai - Part 4 Of 12 - Anurag Prapanna - Pinky Parikh - Gujarati Natak. Hasu the son of a famous divorce lawyer is a meek and a hen pecked husband. He wants to get rid of his wife but is scared to do so. He approaches his father for help but he is not interested in helping him. Hasu finds out that the only way his father will help him is when he gets re married. Some really funnay and hilarious moments follow. Subscribe now to get regular updates on new gujarati movies and stage plays at . To watch all latest superhit Gujarati Movies and Stage Plays click here