Ideas for Beaded Necklaces - Beading

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Ideas for Necklaces - Beading - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Leanna from Leanna Lin's Wonderland. I am a jewelry designer. There is one here that I strung up on hemp cord, you can use leather or suede cording also and this is really great just to throw over your head, made with some plastic animals, they are like zoo animals, and the kids really love this. You can mix these in with some pony beads which is a basic plastic bead and they come in a bunch of colors, and also wood beads. So this necklace also is strung onto hemp cord. You could use another cording like leather or seude. Basically this is something easy, you can just knot it at the end and throw it over your head and go. This one is a gemstone necklace, there is jade, dyed quartz, and also one of my new favorite beads, crackle glass, and it is dyed in these fun colors. So this is a design made using just a bunch of different shapes mixing in with the colors. And it has a fancy closure and it is adjustable, that way you can adjust it with your outfit. This is a fun example of a little kids or tween necklace, but I personally love to wear it myself too. And basically these are all plastic beads. And plastic beads are great for kids because they run around and we do not want anything to break on them or anything, so I use a lot of that for the kid's workshops. These are two fun vintage pendants, and they are from Cracker Jack boxes from the 60's. We also have the toggle here, which is a custom design that I had done. It is great when you are a little girl you can wear it on the shorter hole but when you are an adult you can wear this also, at the last hole. So, your Mom will wear it also. And then this is an example of something if you are a little more advanced. It is a triple layer into one necklace. This necklace is one of my creations, and it is made out of all Czech glass. Czech glass has a lot of sparkle and the quality of the glass is shiny, the facets are more sparkly as opposed to getting a Chinese glass or using a plastic. So I really like Czech glass. And this you would think is three necklaces but it is actually one. There is a toggle closure here that has three spaces so you do not have to worry about putting three necklaces on it is really just one, and it has a little dangle. And that is that necklace. This is something that would definitely take longer than one of the other basic necklaces; when you become more advanced.