Lohan misses first day at morgue, Bon Jovi opens restaurant


by Reuters

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Lindsay Lohan is not off to a good start with her community service following her court appearance on Wednesday (October 19) where her probation was revoked. On Thursday (October 20), Lohan was turned away from the Los Angeles County Morgue after showing up forty minutes late for her first day of service there. Lohan's publicist claims she was late because she had trouble locating the proper entrance. It was not a violation for her not to show up - she only has to serve 16 hours by November 2. But her tardiness will be reported back to the judge and could hurt her at her next probation violation hearing.
The final witness for the prosecution continued his testimony on Thursday (October 20) in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. Dr. Steven Shafer, an anesthesiologist and propofol expert, told jurors that there is no way Michael Jackson could have caused his own death by swallowing the drug. After Shafer steps down from the stand, Murray's defense will begin calling their first witnesses.
Finally, Jon Bon Jovi has stepped onto the culinary stage and opened a restaurant in New Jersey - - where diners choose how much to pay for their food. The JBJ Soul Kitchen, a charity restaurant, offers gourmet meals to people who can choose to either pay a nominal charge, or volunteer their time in lieu of payment.
Bob Mezan, Reuters.