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    E. Coli Found in Shanghai's Fresh Juice and Milk Tea


    by NTDTelevision

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    Next, important health information for people living in Shanghai. A recent test by the city’s consumers' rights watchdog revealed alarming levels of e. coli bacteria in fresh juice and milk tea. Here's more on the story.

    Shanghai residents should think twice about drinking fresh juice and milk tea.

    The Shanghai Daily reported a recent test of local fresh juice and milk tea by the city’s consumer watchdog. The test revealed high concentrations of bacteria in some these popular drinks.

    The city’s Commission of Consumer Rights and Interests Protection took 40 specimens. 12 fresh juice and 16 milk tea samples were found to have alarming concentrations of E. coli, a bacteria known for causing diarrhea and severe food poisoning.

    Officials are saying the bacteria may already be present in the raw ingredients for these drinks.

    The risks are heightened when drinks are made in open, unhygienic settings, without any standardized regulations.

    The Shanghai Daily reported national regulation is currently non-existent. Chinese authorities are still undecided over who should be overseeing the drinks industry.