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    Fat Pizza-s01e04-Crime Pizza

    Leslie Gibson

    by Leslie Gibson

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    Crime Pizza

    Episode 1.4

    The premier of NSW (Bob Ellis) passes a new homeboy law allowing police to detain and search anyone in a baseball hat or tracksuit. Unfortunately for the workers at the fat pizza pizzeria their uniforms consist of tracksuits and baseball caps. Pauly is arrested in a case of mistaken identity by two hopeless detectives (Richard Carter and Bill Hunter). A disgruntled customer hires a hitman (Nick Barker) to kill Pauly because of a mix up on a pizza delivery.

    Even though its Sleeks birthday he is beaten Rodney King style by the whole police force. Claudia MacPherson has been videoed having sex with her boyfriend and the video is being broadcast on the internet and mama Gigliotti is under attack by some middleclass homeboys (Jabba channel V and Dave McCormack from custard ). The episode is narrated by Ian Turpie doing his version of Australia most wanted.