Hit-and-Run Sparks Outrage in China

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It seems too horrific to imagine -- a young girl run over not once, but twice, while people walk by. The incident has sparked outrage in China, with people there wondering how something like this could happen. We wanted to let you know that some of this footage is disturbing, and could be hard for some viewers to watch.

Two-year-old Wang Yue, was struck down by a van in Foshan City, Guangdong Province last Thursday (October 13th). Camera footage shows over the next seven minutes, more than a dozen people pass by, and do nothing.

But the nightmare only gets worse. After several minutes, the little girl is run over again, this time by a truck, which also speeds off.

Now she lies hospitalized in a coma.

The horrific accident has sparked much soul searching in a nation that some there feel has lost its moral compass.

Both drivers have been arrested. One of them had been in contact with Wang Yue's father.

[Wang Yue's Father]:
"He asked me to give him my bank account, so he can wire some money to me. He said he didn't intend to let this happen. He said bluntly to me that he would never turn himself in because he doesn't want to go to jail."

In a phone interview with a local TV station, the driver of the van explains himself.

[Hit and Run Driver]:
"I only need to pay 10,000 (around 1,500 USD) to 20,000 [yuan] of compensation if she dies. But if she lives, it will cost ten times more at least."

The hit and run has created an uproar with Chinese netizens, who were equally outraged by the apathy of passersby.

But being a Good Samaritan isn't always easy in China.

In August, a bus driver helped an elderly woman who had fallen off her tricycle. When he took her to the hospital, she accused him of knocking her over. But surveillance footage proved his innocence.

Chris Chappell


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