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    Cosmetic & Implant Dentist Palos Heights IL, Dental Veneers vs. Lumineer, Dr. Zack Zaibak


    by dentistPalosHeights

    DentistTinley Park, IL Dr. Zack Zaibak, compares dental veneers and Lumineers. Lumineer is a brand name dental veneer. Cosmetic improvement with Lumineers, a thin porcelain shell, requires minimum tooth preparation (removal of tooth enamel). A dental veneer is placed over the tooth to correct minor imperfections in color, size and position. Lumineers serve a cosmetic purpose but are opaque and monochromatic, and without gradations in color that are inherent with natural teeth. Preparation or tooth grinding may be necessary to correct dental misalignment with Lumineers to avoid an unnatural, bulky appearance. A very thin dental veneer yields a natural effect, with pleasing results. Specific training is required for the application of Lumineers, and Dr. Zack Zaiback-is a certified Lumineer provider. For more information visit DentistTinley Park, IL Dr. Zack Zaibak, @