Gross Out
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by MVDfilm

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A John Waters-style film/midnight movie. Just plain disgusting! A completely twisted and wealthy mother offers her three adult children a chance at inheriting her 28 million if they can make a movie so gross, so disgusting, that it makes her vomit. This is no small task considering her level of nastiness. In any case, the three team up to make the most disgustingly foul film imaginable complete with sexual gags and potty humor. "This film is based on a true story that happened to a family in Los Angeles. Please do not attempt to find this family, but if you happen to come across them in Hollywood at the intersection of Wilcox and Hollywood Blvd., please do not give them any money or talk to them. These people are dangerous and desperate, they will do ANYTHING for money! PLEASE STAY AWAY!" - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office