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    What is the difference between the cheap HCG and hCG 1234™ Diet Drops?


    by creativebioscience

    Many fly-by-night companies try to sell super-cheap weight loss products, so you need to be cautious when you buy hCG online. For the full benefits of the hCG Diet you need a superior diet product, and Creative Bioscience sells hCG Diet drops and other fine hCG diet products made right here in the United States of America in FDA inspected and GMP approved laboratories. Any old website may claim to offer real hCG, but if you go to them for your hCG Diet products you may actually be getting super-cheap hCG from China, Mexico, or India. They know you want to buy diet products, so they offer a diluted version of hCG Diet drops without the unlimited hCG Diet Support that Creative Bioscience offers you—or even a phone number to reach an hCG weight loss specialist.