18 tigers, 17 lions killed after owner commits suicide




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What i would like to know is in what order were these animals killed, for the reason that only 6 of them got to remain alive. Why couldnt all of animals have been captured instead of just 6 of them. All of the animals carried the same threat or danger. Why is it that authorities keep making statements that these wild animals escaped? If a person goes to prison and at some point is released, its not considered as an escape. THESE ANIMALS DID NOT ESCAPE, the owner released/freed these animals before taking his own life. All the authorities did by saying these animals escaped was open the door for a big game hunt. Given the long term situation, officers should of had the knowledge & training in using tranquilizer guns. Obviously, there is a bigger problem here other then just some innocent wild animal being released by the owner? Officers that were involved w/ this situation should be thrown into a big pit w/ the animals they have killed because they are the ONLY ones that have escaped!
By roxychipman4 years ago