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    The Revenge Of Frankenstein

    Craze Digital Movies

    by Craze Digital Movies

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    Natural Mustard
    this is one of my best Frankenstein movies
    By Natural MustardLast year
    Natural Mustard
    this is a real good movie
    By Natural MustardLast year
    Michael Stratford
    Prettiest of all the Hammers in its design and color photography, it would be a dull affair indeed without the spectacular Peter Cushing as Frankenstein. Michael Gwynn's monster isn't particularly memorable, although Richard Wordsworth, Lionel Jeffries and the ubiquitous Michael Ripper lend a lot of flavor, George Woodbridge is a memorable sadist, and Francis Matthews is the best straight man Cushing ever had. Thanks for this and all your fine Hammer uploads!
    By Michael StratfordLast year
    By chocolatevlogs2 years ago