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    The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

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    The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a musical that follows the mysterious tale of the Pied Piper (Val Johnson) and his effect on the happy mountain town of Hamelin. The King of the kingdom in which Hamelin lies has initiated a competition, the winner of which will be awarded a banner that will be admired far and wide. The mayor of Hamelin, in his greed, declares that all citizens will work to win the banner, even the children, which are granted leave from their schooling. Truson (Val Johnson, who also plays the Piper), the local schoolteacher, abhors the idea of suspending the education of the town’s children, but efforts continue to win the competition. Soon, Hamelin is at work to construct golden chimes in order to impress the King. However, their labor is soon halted by a massive invasion of rats. The Pied Piper mysteriously appears and offers his aid, though he demands every coin in the town’s treasury. After a magical tune that leads the rats to their death, the Mayor conspires to trick the Piper out of his money, and the Piper plans to lead the town’s children away in retaliation.