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    The Blob

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    In the quiet countryside a meteor from space falls to earth bringing with it a pulsing protoplasmic jelly-like mass which is soon discovered by a farmer, who thinking it benign prods the alien organism, which engulfs his hand. Shortly after this occurs young Steve Andrews (Steve McQueen) and his girlfriend discover the farmer with the alien parasite still attached to him and drive him into town to see a doctor. The doctor examines the farmer and doesn’t know what to make of his condition so he sends Steve and his girlfriend back to the place the meteor landed to see if they can find some clues to shed light on the matter. Returning to the doctor with little to show for there efforts the couple arrive just in time to witness the growing alien menace engulf the doctor. Steve and his girlfriend then try to warn the Sheriff who does not believe him and thinks him a troublemaker as well as the incredulous town to know avail. The blob follows them and devours several townsfolk and continues to grow ever larger while Steve franticly tries to get help and stop the monster. This picture is one of many early monster films that capitalize on the American publics fears of the nuclear and burgeoning space age. Among the films scary moments is a memorable seen inside a crowded movie theater that is invaded by the gelatinous horror.