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    The Blob

    Craze Digital Movies

    by Craze Digital Movies

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    Bob Toohey
    I'm not sure why some people are having trouble with the aspect ratio, since it is adjustable, at least in VLC media player. Thanks for the upload, I haven't seen this one in a long time.
    By Bob Toohey4 weeks ago
    vegeta solo
    This is awesome
    Lou Mareno
    man that was great to see again,thx for posting this very kool classic movie.
    Michael Stratford
    The anamorphic image-squeeze takes some getting used to, but it's a fun, dumb film, with a giant Jujube taking over the earth for a while. Robert Mitchum said of Steve McQueen that he "doesn't bring much to the party," and his barely-there persona here proves it. There are some classic sequences when the Blob invades a movie theater and engulfs a diner (an effect accomplished by having the Jujube crawl over a color photo of the place).
    By Michael StratfordLast year
    I don't like this stretching.
    By Josh2 years ago