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Raised by his step-father/teacher Kung Fu Master Sung Wu-yang (Goo Man-chung), Chao Chih-hao (Lo Lieh) is sent to continue his training with Master Suen Hsin-pei (Fang Mien) after Sung realizes the limitation . Under the guidance of Suen, Choa starts at the bottom in the kitchen and slowly earns the respect of Suen. The respect is demised when Choa is viewed as a coward for not wanting to fight against a rival school belonging to Meng Tung-shan (Tien Feng) but when Chao defeats Chen Lang (Gam Kei-chu) in a street fight protecting a street performer (Wong Chin-feng), Suen realizes that Choa has the heart of a true Kung Fu Master and he chooses Choa to be his successor. This turns Han Lung (James Nan) against Suen and conspires with Meng to kill Suen and cripple Choa to prevent him from competing in a tournament. The plan doesn’t work a Choa will compete, but, at the same time Meng orders the death of both Sung and Suen forcing Choa to go on the offensive.