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Fade Away***Pamela Black

il y a 7 ans383 views


Eny Arwen

Sometimes I wonder, Yes I wonder
Will I ever again look in your eyes
My heart is breaking,my hands are shaking
Say something to ease my mind

Chrorus :
Fade away oh ending day oh fade away
Into the gloom of this night

First you loved me, then you don't see me
Say something to ease my mind
But as for me, I'd rather be
With you every day of my life


I guess it's over, my heart is lower
Than it's ever ever been before
You threw me under a clash of thunder
Why can't you open up your door


copyright 1984 ~~~~ www.myspace.com/pamelagriggblack www.reverbnation.com/pamelagriggblack

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Fade Away***Pamela Black
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