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    Chinese Cars Perform Poorly in Australian Crash Tests


    by NTDTelevision

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    Cheaply priced Chinese cars are appearing in the Australian market, and though they seem to be good value they fall short in one critical area. People safety in a crash situation. Here's More.

    The Chinese Chery J11(two) has a sweet sounding name, but it's turned out to be a lemon in the face of ANCAP crash tests.

    [Michael Case, Manager, RACV Vehicle Engineering]:
    "The results are in a one to five star scale, and the more stars the better."

    The Chery J11 was recently crash tested, and scored only two out of five stars for frontal impact..According to the ANCAP report there was a high risk of life-threatening chest injuries for the driver and the J11 scored zero points for pedestrian protection.

    To be sold in Australia a vehicle has to meet Australian Design Rule requirements, which are at a basic level.

    [Michael Case, Manager, RACV Vehicle Engineering]:
    "The Chinese vehicles that we've been testing have generally scored around two or three stars, and that's disappointing when most other competitor vehicles score at least four if not five stars in crash tests."

    ANCAP measures the safety performance of these vehicles in excess of the minimum requirements.

    [Michael Case, Manager, RACV Vehicle Engineering]:
    "So the challenge here is for the Chinese brands to improve their safety performance and get up to the level of their competition scoring at least four."

    Manufactures have recalled the Chery over concerns with side impact weakness, but ANCAP says that won't alter the poor rating of the frontal impact test.

    ANCAP have published their results over fears the recall could be slow.

    NTD News, Melbourne, Australia