matali crasset x centre pompidou x misericordia

Mision Misericordia
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Directed and shot by Aurelyen
Filmed in Paris - 2011

The Editions of the Centre Pompidou co-publish three original tee-shirts matali crasset with Misericordia on the occasion of the exhibition "Le blobterre de matali" which will take place in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, from 1st of October to 5th of March, 2012.

In addition to creating an imaginary world to experiment, this project embodies matali's procedure and network of friends and structures with whom she collaborated for years. matali and Aurelyen, the creator of Misericordia, met 5 years ago, around the project of lieu commun. And since this collaboration, they share common values ??and common projects.

The exhibition at the Centre Pompidou "Le blobterre de matali" is a unique opportunity to seal this friendship by creating a tee-shirt line for young and old.

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