Bizarre Halloween Ideas

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Halloween Ideas: Dollhouse - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I had like to present two things of mine showcasing some necklaces I have created for this Halloween season.They come in all sorts of creepy colors like Blood Red and Monster Green. They are made out of vinyl so they are stretchy and quit comfortable. They are also available in this slit wrist sort of bracelet. Halloween Idea: Stitch Necklace My Stitch Necklaces for this Halloween season, lovely, creepy. They come in all sorts of colors like Blood Red and Monster Green. Oh do not let me forget they come in bracelets, so if you had like to have a creepy reaction while you are on the subway or driving home from work. Halloween Ideas: Cut Throat Necklace A horrible necklace I have created for this Halloween season, are not they lovely?, they are made out of stretchable vinyl. In any case if you are looking for that zombie look that everyone is looking for these days,Or perhaps Marie Antoinette. Halloween Ideas: Cemetery Necklace Do you spend a lot of time at the graveyard?I know these two lovely ladies do. Ghost, Halloween, Zombies Tombstones made out of adorable vinyl, I would not recommend eating it. Halloween Ideas: Coffin Case It is a metal coffin lunch box purse. It is got a velvet lining. You could put whatever you want in it a bat, a spider, a severed hand it is Halloween you could put whatever you like. Halloween Ideas: Coffin Couch I had like to show you my custom coffin couch which closes and comes in purple,black and red. Creepy springs. So if you need any sort of coffin thing drop me a line. Tables, chairs, couches. I am going to take a nap. Halloween Ideas: Custom Sculptures When I am done making all sorts of weird creations I like to blow off a little steam, do a little custom sculpting I will show you this thing I made for my band The Memphis Morticians. It is got a removable head and a ray gun. So if you need some sort of custom sculpted thing a mijiggy thinggy thinggy drop me a line and I will do it for you. Halloween Ideas: Doll House This fabulous haunted house, it has all the room you need an attic, a music room, a bedroom, the laboratory. Check this out, a living room with trap door and of course the basement the most fun.