Circle of doom - ESP Horizon & Rockerverb 50 shred


by RobChapman

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Hi, how you doing? Good...good, so I have this forum called www.themonkeylord.com dudes hang out there and talk about guitars etc, it's fun..we are very friendly. Hey also if you like my shreddage you can download my solo EP "Red Dream" from iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=303444991&s=143444 My name is Rob Chappers, I am an ESP Guitars artist from the UK. I live near stone henge...it hasn't affected me at all, although sometimes I find these hairs...they are like, really thick, and you can even bend them and shit mang.. it's crazy, they are basically malliable..which just isn't right..right? I mean hair should not harness the physical laws of wire... I once ate an entire bucket of KFC (Minus the apple pie), I remember vividly trying to force breaths of air down after the 4th and final packet of fries went down, ahh the days past.. le sigh. He-Man was cool wasn't he, I mean really cool... He was like super, duper, uber Mc-cool..did you used to run around at school in the playground and shout "By the power" etc... no.. Me neither