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    Orange Rocker 30 combo demo, plus Zvex pedals


    by RobChapman

    Rocker 30 combo demo, with Zvex Wah Probe and Machine.Check out for the best PRS, ESP & Gibson guitars. I offer private video guitar tuition! Here is how it works. Before the lesson we discuss your goals, artist influences, and specific areas you would like to concentrate on. Then you send me a short 5 minute video of your technique. I will study your technique and craft a personalized instruction and coaching video for you tailored to your specific needs. This is burnt to a CD in MPG4 format. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. Also you may want to check out my intervalic CD (Which covers the foundation theory for modal playing) because it's great... I even use it and I made it ha ha!! It's kinda my secret weapon... Its £9.99 plus p&p, Check out for all the details.